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Neurofeedback and Emerging Neuromodulation Methods

NOW an ONLINE program, 11am - 6pm 5th & 12th September

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NB: Melbourne 2020 program has been postponed to 2021. 


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 A FREE gift to you from one of our 2018 conference workshop and keynote presenters, Dave Siever (donating his fee to Aussie Farmers Appeal). Transcranial DC Stimulation History, Physiology & Clinical Applications

Transcranial DC Stimulation (tDCS) is a neuro-stimulation technique used to enhance brain function by placing electrodes at specific locations on the scalp that represent functions in the brain, and then putting a small electrical current through the brain. There are currently 1200 studies showing tDCS is effective in improving academic performance, problem solving, math skills, musical ability as well as recovery from stroke, including sensori-motor issues and aphasias. TDCS has been successfully used to treat a wide variety of maladies, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse and closed-head injuries.



Workshops by EEG Education & Research - Silver Sponsor ANSA Conference 2019

The goal of our trainings is to produce competent neurofeedback practitioners. Such practitioners are able to integrate their understanding of symptom presentation, brain function and EEG into a coherent neurofeedback treatment strategy, and then monitor and adjust that strategy throughout treatment.

The 4-day Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice  training course is the first step in that process. It will give clinicians the necessary basic skills and understanding to use neurofeedback equipment in a professional setting, applying eyes open neurofeedback protocols. Courses are offered throughout Australia. Please contact us for current schedule of events.

Telephone: 02 8268 8888 For more information, contact Dr Moshe Perl in Melbourne on Ph: +61 3 9533 0555 or visit the website at 

Upcoming events

    • 05 Sep 2020
    • (UTC+10:00)
    • 12 Sep 2020
    • (UTC+10:00)
    • 2 sessions
    • Zoom Webinar

    ANSA Board is pleased to announce that our 2020 ANSA National Conference will proceed as 2 half-day online meetings, featuring a total of 8 Keynote Presentations.

    Going online allows us to maintain our connections with:

    - our members and guests by offering low-cost, high-quality professional development & networking opportunities

    - our speakers from Australia and abroad; and

    - our sponsors, without whose support we would not function as providers nor as a professional association.

    Sponsors, as with every ANSA Conference, will feature their products and services via our conference e-handbook. In addition, we will have a Virtual Trade Hall accessible on both Saturday 5th and 12th September where delegates may meet online with exhibitors.

    We look forward to connecting with you.

    Registration is now open: $120 for ANSA Members; $190 for Guests.

    • 09 Oct 2021
    • (UTC+11:00)
    • 10 Oct 2021
    • (UTC+11:00)
    • Novotel on Collins, Melbourne, Australia

    Early bird special: pre-program release RSVP for loyal supporters!

    $500 AUD (350 USD) Conference Weekend Registration

    includes Friday Welcome Reception, Saturday & Sunday conference registration, morning and afternoon teas and lunches. 

    Deal available until 30 December, 2020 only. 

    Join us in Melbourne for your continuing education in Neurofeedback and Emerging Neuromodulation Methods.

    2 days of preconference workshops

    2 days weekend conference 

    2 days post conference workshops

    Your early bird ticket covers the conference weekend plus Friday Welcome Reception.

    Register your Expression of Interest by RSVP to reserve this price. Invoicing will commence with the release of our program in December.

Past events

01 Jan 2020 Epileptiform Activity in Young Female
22 Aug 2019 GATEWAY to HEALTH: 2019 Conference & Workshops
26 Feb 2019 2019 QClub
16 Aug 2018 Brain, Mind & Consciousness: Psychobiology of Neuromodulation
27 Dec 2017 Q-Club 2018 Application
26 Dec 2017 Q-Club 2017 Application
25 Aug 2017 11th ANSA Annual Conference
24 Aug 2017 ANSA President’s Welcome
24 Aug 2017 Canberra Guided Tour: ANSA Preconference, Thursday 24/8/17
24 Aug 2017 QClub Lunch
19 Nov 2016 10th ANSA Annual Conference 2016
25 Aug 2015 QEEGD Q-Club Application
21 Aug 2015 ANSA 2015 Conference
22 Nov 2014 QEEG Club
23 Aug 2014 ANSA 2014 Conference & Workshops
29 Mar 2014 QEEG Club
26 Aug 2013 Post-Conference Workshop: Comprehensive Assessment for Neurofeedback Training
24 Aug 2013 ANSA Annual Conference 2013
22 Aug 2013 Pre-Conference Workshop: Neurophysiology for Neurotherapy
22 Aug 2013 ANSA Conference Workshops Pre & Post Discount Package
01 Jun 2013 QEEG Club
13 Apr 2013 QEEG Club
17 Mar 2013 Quantitative EEG & Event Related Potentials: Their use as biomarkers in advanced brain diagnostics
16 Mar 2013 Event Related Potentials as Biomarkers in the Clinical Assessment of Brain nd Mental Health
15 Mar 2013 Introduction to ERPs Method: Use of ERPs in Clinical Practice and Research
18 Jan 2013 EEG Analysis: Theory & Practice from Evaluation to Intervention
17 Nov 2012 QEEG Club
28 Sep 2012 Symposium: Efficacy and use of neurofeedback therapy in ADHD
01 Sep 2012 ANSA Annual Conference 2012
02 Jun 2012 Q-Club (QEEG study group) Meeting
04 Feb 2012 Q-Club (QEEG study group) Meeting
15 Aug 2011 Part B LORETA workshop with Dr. Leslie Sherlin, PhD
14 Aug 2011 Brain Health Expo 2011
12 Aug 2011 ANSA Annual Conference 2011
10 Aug 2011 4-days QEEG & Loreta workshop with Dr. Leslie Sherlin, PhD
10 Aug 2011 Part A QEEG workshop with Dr. Leslie Sherlin, PhD
11 Jun 2011 Q-Club (QEEG study group) Meeting
12 Feb 2011 Q-Club (QEEG study group) Meeting
16 Oct 2010 Q-Club (QEEG study group) Meeting
16 Aug 2010 Functional QEEG workshop with Drs.Roger and Mary deBeus
13 Aug 2010 Brain Health in the 21 Century: Evidence Based Interventions and Emerging Neuro-technologies-2010 ANSA Annual Conference 13-15 Aug 2010
12 Aug 2010 Trauma and Recovery : Integration of Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback. Workshop with Sebern Fisher
12 Aug 2010 The Australian Academy of Functional Neurology Workshop
20 Mar 2010 ANSA Professional Exchange 2010
03 Aug 2009 PART B: Post-conference workshop, 3-4 Aug 2009
01 Aug 2009 3rd ANSA Annual conference 1-2 Aug 2009
30 Jul 2009 PART A: Pre conference workshop 30-31 Jul 2009
05 Aug 2008 Dr Rien Breteler - Post-conference workshop
04 Aug 2008 Dr Donald Moss: Post-conference workshop
02 Aug 2008 Annual conference Sydney 2-3 Aug 2008
31 Jul 2008 Dr Tom Collura - Pre Annual-conference workshop
08 Mar 2008 Clinical Interchange Workshop

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